Our Services
Tax Planning more info
A significant portion of my practice is focused on tax planning and reducing the combined total taxes paid between private companies and their shareholders.

Estate Planning more info
I can advise with respect to alternative strategies to ensure your objectives for the disposition of your estate are accomplished in the most effective and tax efficient manner. Why not take my estate planning quiz?

Financial Statements
I provide financial statement preparation services to private companies, proprietorships, trusts and registered charities. This includes Review Engagements and Notice to Reader Engagements.

Tax Return Preparation
I prepare income, estate and sales tax returns for individuals, companies, trusts and charities. I also prepare U S personal and corporate tax returns.

Retirement Planning
It is never to early to start planing for retirement. If you want to live the same lifestyle - or an even better one - than you do now, you need to start planning for retirement now. I can analyze your projected income and expenses and determine if you can meet your goals.

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Chris Thurgood Chartered Professional Accountant